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October 19, 2016 6:47 pm

Don’t allow the media, Hollywood celebrities or an overnight blogger you found on Google convince you the flu shot is “pointless”…because they are missing the point…literally.  The flu shot is your child’s best bet for avoiding the flu. And just to add to the list of urban myths, the flu shot does not “give you the flu”.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends annual influenza vaccinations for everyone age 6 months or older. Vaccination is especially important for people at high risk of influenza complications, including young children.  The Mayo Clinic reported the flu shot can reduce your child’s risk by 74%…that’s pretty good odds.

The answers to these questions can help determine whether a child is fighting the flu or combating a cold:

Flu vs. Colds: A Guide to Symptoms

Questions Flu Cold
Was the onset of illness … sudden? slow?
Does your child have a … high fever? no (or mild) fever?
Is your child’s exhaustion level … severe? mild?
Is your child’s head … achy? headache-free?
Is your child’s appetite … decreased? normal?
Are your child’s muscles … achy? fine?
Does your child have … chills? no chills?


If most of your answers fell into the first category, chances are that your child has the flu. If your answers were usually in the second category, it’s most likely a cold.  But don’t be too quick to brush off your child’s illness as just another cold. The important thing to remember is that flu symptoms can vary from child to child (and they can change as the illness progresses), so if you suspect the flu, call us.

With or without a flu shot, you can take steps to help protect yourself and your children from the flu and other viruses. Good hygiene remains your primary defense against contagious illnesses.

  • Wash your hands often and thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Use an alcohol-based sanitizer on your hands if soap and water aren’t available.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth whenever possible.
  • Avoid crowds when the flu is most prevalent in your area.
  • Practice good health habits. Get plenty of sleep, exercise regularly, drink plenty of fluids, eat a nutritious diet, and manage your stress.

Did I forget to tell you that our office is offering the flu vaccine to your child…and to you!  We are giving flu shots Monday-Saturday.  Just call our office, schedule your preferred time,  and off you go!  It really is that simple!